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To the Selfless Love Yoga Family & any newcomers on this collective journey, 

As some of you may already know, Selfless Love Yoga closed its doors earlier this week until further notice and will be moving to an online platform. After much consideration, it has been decided that ALL of our upcoming virtual offerings (yoga classes, meditations, sound baths, reiki shares, etc.) will be accessible to ANYONE for FREE w/ optional donation (if you are still working and/or do not have to worry about paying your bills this month, you know the right thing to do). All active class passes are valid as well!

It breaks my heart to see so many of us suffering large amounts of financial loss and as a small business owner I understand. Though as an energy worker, I also understand that there is a mass spreading of fear amongst many. For those of you who have taken my class in the last few months, you know that this has been a common theme that we have been working so hard on!!!! The time has come for you to put it into action, my loves. ✨ FEAR is a low vibrational energy and LOWERS our immune system. LOVE is a high vibrationalenergy and RAISES our immune system and we each have the power to shift ourselves in order to shift the collective.

Remember each time you step on your mat or you meditate, act out of love, or do something selfless, you raise your personal vibration, which shifts the vibration of humanity as a whole and I will always honor you for that. 🙏🏻 In this time of chaotic unknowns, we must come together and simply do what’s right for EVERYONE. 


I am so honored to share virtual space with all of you amazing humans - even more so during this time. We will officially be starting virtual classes on Saturday, March 21st. I will be taking a couple more days to ground & fill my vessel, trial virtual classes to work through any kinks/audio/lighting, and get a weekly virtual schedule up and running. 


Please continue to send time requests through tomorrow (Thursday), as the final schedule as well as details on how to join in will be sent out on Friday, March 20th. 


Please remember that YOU are in control of your reality. We are ascending as a collective and it’s imperative that we keep our personal vibrations high to support our brothers & sisters who have yet to do the inner work. 

For those of you on the spiritual path, you are one step ahead of the game. Please use your knowledge to spread light and teach others what you know. 
See you SO soon and I am SO excited!!!! 

In Love & Light,



Our Mission

Our intention is to lovingly welcome you exactly as you are, and to provide a safe and comforting space that nurtures and supports you on your personal journey.

We are dedicated to creating a community of love based around selflessness, aiding all of us to better connect with ourselves and those around us.

We challenge each individual to show up as their authentic selves and be entirely present from the moment they walk in to the moment they walk out . We invite you to discover a new way of living in your body and in the world surrounding you.

As you open your heart to love and light, you will receive everything and all that you need.

We welcome you.


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