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Upcoming Offerings:
- 12/10 @ 4:00pm - Settling Into Stillness Restorative & Sound Workshop w/ Ana Maria
- 12/21 @ 7:30pm - Candlelight Restorative w/ Kristin

**Our holiday schedule can be seen by visiting the bottom of our class schedule page.**

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As a community-based yoga studio located in Leonardo, NJ (recently located on 1st Avenue in Atlantic Highlands), our main goal is to lead others down the long path of discovery that yoga provides. Whether you want to move your body, reach spiritual growth, or be more present, we know you’ll benefit from the love held within our offerings. 

Since opening our first location in 2016, Selfless Love Yoga & Spiritual Wellness has been known for it's awareness and attention to each and every student, no matter their needs or skill level. We are dedicated to creating a community of love based around selflessness, aiding all of us to better connect with ourselves and those around us. As you open your heart to love & light, you will receive everything and all that you need. We look forward to welcoming you to our yoga family. 

Lindsay is so thoughtful in her approach, and her classes are by far the best I've ever been to. You will feel tranquil, relaxed, invigorated, challenged. She always encourages you to meet yourself where you are that day. Through breath work, and carefully thought out flows, she leads you on a mini journey each class, bringing you back to yourself. You will leave feeling fulfilled in every sense.

Stephanie G.


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