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We're excited to announce our new loyalty rewards program! We have been sitting in deep gratitude for this community trying to figure out a way to give back to those who continuously support us and help to keep our doors open each day. So, we started this program to give back to YOU - our loyal members of the Selfless Love community for all of the love and support you've given us over the years. Starting on May 25th, 2023 we will be awarding you with points for things like referring friends, writing reviews, purchasing classes or merchandise from our boutique and even simply for showing up to a class! Points add up and can be redeemed for various prizes.

How It Works

It’s sort of like a frequent flyer program for our students. There are numerous ways to earn points:

  1. Earn 1 point per dollar for ALL purchases.

  2. Earn 2 points for every class you take.

  3. Earn 3 points for booking classes online.

  4. Earn 10 points for attending a workshop, meditation, training, or event (donation based-offerings excluded).

  5. Earn 250 points for each friend you refer that makes a purchase of a class pass or membership. Make sure your friend provides your full name on their release form.

  6. Earn 200 points for writing a 5 star review on Wellness Living after taking a class (max 1,200/year).

  7. Earn 500 points for writing a 5 star Google review.

  8. Earn 25 points for attending 4 or more classes in one week (max 750/year).

  9. Earn 50 points each year automatically on your birthday!

  10. From time to time we will switch it up with new ways to earn (i.e. attending a specific class/event, purchasing a specific item from the boutique, etc).

How Can I Redeem Points?


You are automatically enrolled in our rewards program when you create an account with us on Wellness Living. If you don't have an active account, one will be created for you using the email on your release form. So, if you've made a purchase or taken a class after 5/24/23, you’re already earning points!


If you would like to unenroll or check your rewards status, go to the menu (upper right corner) of the schedule on our WL app (your profile) and click on rewards.  You can  track you progress, see reward prizes, redeem points, and activate or disable this feature from this menu. You can also access your rewards account online after you have logged-in to the Wellness Living system. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help with this. If you have trouble logging in and need a password reset link, kindly email us or inform us on your next visit. You can also let our staff know when checking out that you’d like to redeem your points and use them toward your purchase. 

  • 1,000 points = $10 off any class purchase at Selfless Love!

  • 1,200 points = $15 off your next retail purchase!

  • 1,500 points = 1 free class!

  • 1,700 points = 1 free sound healing meditation!

  • 2,500 points = $25 gift certificate!

  • 5,000 points = 1 free 5 class pass!

  • 8,500 points = 1 free 10 class pass or month unlimited!

The Fine Print

  • Points are not valid for cash back.

  • Purchases made using rewards points cannot be discounted.

  • Referral points only given if the referred student makes a purchase of one of our yoga class passes or memberships (not valid for drop-ins or promos).

  • If you book a class online, and then late cancel or no-show, you will lose the points gained from the original booking.

  • Points are non-transferable and non-refundable – so make sure you spend your points wisely!

  • Points are not valid on CBD products.

  • Birthday reward points will be automatically added if you provided your date of birth on your release form.

  • These points never expire unless you delete your account with Wellness Living. If we should switch our yoga software in the future, we cannot guarantee that they will transfer over. In this case, those with points remaining will be informed and a period of time will be given to use up any remaining points before making the transition.

Our way of showing our appreciation and giving back to our loving and

loyal students who continuously support our small business!

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