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Lindsay's spiritual awakening began in 2011 after the death of her only brother. She immediately began to feel an overwhelming void within her that the external world simply could not fill. While her brother's physical body ceased to exist, she had a deep inner-knowing that his energy was more present with her than ever. It was through this realization that she chose to embark on the path of spirituality in order to seek answers to life after death. Shortly after, she fell into the practice of yoga, meditation, and various teaching including astrology, numerology, sound healing, and human-design. In May of 2015, she graduated from her first yoga teacher training.  

In 2016, the journey of opening up her own yoga studio began on 1st Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, NJ - Selfless Love Yoga. Throughout this time, she experienced multiple smaller awakenings that were short-lived, but kept her expanded and motivated enough to continue her search for the truth. After four beautiful and fruitful years, she chose to close the doors permanently at the end of her lease due to not seeing a sustainable future in the world of COVID-19. 


Shortly after closing, Lindsay began to experience a tremendous amount of tumultuous energies and a period of what seemed like everlasting darkness. While residing in this space, she felt as if she had no choice, but to spend time cocooning and being fully present in this stage of shadowy transition. She was called to step away from everyday earthly life and focus all of her attention on my own inner work. For far too long she had felt like she had been battling her own demons constantly poking their heads around what began to feel like every corner she turned. She had spent so much of her energy focusing on helping others, that she had forgotten how to help myself. Lindsay's soul grew weak and tired of living in this way and wanted to be set free - once and for all. She longed to feel the divinity she knew was held within and the love she knew she deserved.


Through immense inner reflection and work, long periods of silence, and a whole lotta L-O-V-E, she was able to sustain longer lasting higher levels of consciousness. While this journey felt like it would last forever, it was a journey in which each and every step brought her to this exact moment in time. Within this personal transformation, her eyes were opened to what her divine purpose is: to aid as many humans in waking-up and looking beyond the mayas (illusions) of this earthly plane, finding their true essence, aligning themselves with their souls, finding lasting self-love, and living the lives they truly deserve.

Lindsay has walked a path full of experiences over the course of her existence on this plane and learned valuable tools that have shown her how to continue to show up with love, kindness, and compassion. She is deeply honored to continue serving as a guide for all of those who are in the midst of transitioning into the divine human that they were always meant to be. Understanding what others go through is invaluable and she believes that it was imperative part of her journey to have lived in pain and despair, to have hit rock bottom, and to have found her way from darkness to light before helping others to do the very same. 









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