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Sunday, June 11th 4-6pm

Enjoy the deeply soothing restorative yoga practice mixed in with the healing benefits of CBD, Reiki, & Sound Healing. Each person will receive the appropriate mg of Daily Dose CBD (based on their body weight) to be taken internally before settling in. Throughout the practice, hands on Reiki energy will be given mixed with sound healing frequencies. This will aid in removing blockages in the body, opening up the energetic channels, as well as promoting connection to the self, and an overall self of well-being. Must have at least 3 registered for workshop to run. Led by Lindsay Gunn.


Exchange: $33



Friday, July 21st 6:00-8:00pm

Join Kimmie Michals, Holistic Wellness & Recovery Coach for a group Reiki workshop. During the workshop, you will be walked through guided breathwork accompanied by a Yoga Nidra to drop you into a deeper state of relaxation. Each person will receive Reiki energy healing and Kimmie will utilize sage & sound healing to clear the energy. You will then be guided out of surrender and given time focus on release while journaling anything that might have come up.


There will be an opportunity for everyone to share (if they choose) and each person will have the option to receive a collective coaching session based on what you shared.


Exchange: $40

Notebook and Pen


Next date coming soon...

In this two hour workshop, we will begin by relaxing with a brief gentle yoga practice and guided meditation led by Lindsay Gunn. Once we’ve surrendered into a state of peace and presence, Kate Cauley will further open our hearts and minds during a series of thought-provoking and introspective writing exercises. The goal of the writing prompts will be to help us in opening up to a deeper understanding of and connection with ourselves. Those who wish to, are welcome to read their stories out loud to the group and receive feedback about what everyone loved and enjoyed about their writing. Those who prefer not to share, are invited to join us in writing and engaging in all other aspects of the program.


This workshop is designed to cultivate a feeling of safety, empowerment, encouragement, and trust (not critique/technique). This is an outlet for your divine creative energy to flow from your heart onto paper, all while deepening the connection to the Self. Plan to bring your favorite writing utensil, a sense of courage and adventure, and a desire to bring home a renewed sense of self. *A notebook will be provided to everyone attending, but if you’d prefer to bring your own journal, you are more than welcome to! 3 person minimum for this event to run.*


Exchange: $35

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