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Our Selfless Love Flow is a studio favorite and what keeps students coming back for more. The sequencing is what you would find in a typical Vinyasa Flow, which is an energetic, dynamically-flowing series of interconnected postures synchronized with the breath in order to align your body, mind, and heart. Blending an inspiring Vinyasa practice with alignment instruction to create clarity in your practice and encourage openness in your body and your daily life. Every practice is intended to be a complete experience, leaving you centered, grounded, & refreshed. What makes our Selfless Love Flow stand out from other practices is the deeper philosophical teachings woven into each and every class that make you leave feeling as if you worked not just your body & mind, but also your soul. This is an open-level practice and the body should have decent mobility in order to keep up with this flow, but modifications can always be made.


Combining aromatherapy with yoga can powerfully enhance the yoga journey. This Vinyasa Flow class combines our traditional Selfless Love Flow with essential oils! Oils will be chosen based on the specific dharma of the class and will be applied topically at certain points throughout the practice. Leave feeling recharged, refreshed, and smelling lovely!

If you would prefer to take the class sans the oils, simply let the teacher know prior to class starting.


Deep Stretch Vinyasa consists of the perfect balance between stretch and flow. Postures are held mindfully for more extended periods of time, helping to awaken your body and clear your mind. Expect deep hip, back, and leg openings with longer holds to get beyond the muscle tissue into the connective tissues, the fascia of the body, as well as gain strength and increase mobility with Vinyasa flows weaved between. This class is designed to generally open the body up, peeling away layers of stress, injury, and tension that reside within. This is an open-level practice with a somewhat slower flow than our typical Selfless Love Flow.


Our Dynamic Flow is for those who are looking to get their heart rate up and advance their practice. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow. The flow is designed to strengthen muscles, build flexibility, and gain concentration while releasing deeply held tension and calming the mind so that you can feel better and perform better in your everyday activities. This class is not meant for beginners or those with limited mobility.


Our Fun-Loving Flow is not what you would typically find within the walls of Selfless Love and was specifically designed for our teacher, Denise. She brings a particular flare of fun to the studio room and her classes are light-hearted and upbeat in nature. Denise provokes your mind, works your body, lovingly adjusts you, all while being sure to make you laugh consistently throughout the practice. It veers on the edge of power yoga without fully falling into that category. If you are looking to spice it up a bit, take some of the seriousness out of the practice, or simply have some good-hearted fun while on the mat, this class is for you.


E-mail us and we would be happy to schedule a pop-up Beginner Flow or Workshop to teach you the basics you need to enter an open-level practice confidently!