We offer a variety of pop-up workshops, events, retreats, and trainings. Whether you're looking to surrender under a Full Moon, harmonize your body with sound healing, work with crystals to align your energy, desiring a heart opening cacao ceremony, looking to advance your yoga practice, become a certified Reiki practitioner, create jewelry, learn more about the Chakras, etc... there is something for everybody at our Yoga Studio. Selfless Love Yoga & Spiritual Wellness offers workshops and events that are uniquely designed for a wide variety of interests and we look forward to having you join us!

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Date: Tuesday, October 4th 7:15pm

Cost: $33 with crystals to take home with you or $20 if you've attended before and bring your crystals

led by Lindsay Gunn

Crystal therapy or crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine and a natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the mind and body. This is based on the belief that we are all made up of different energies and that when this becomes stagnant, unbalanced or blocked, it can cause illness. The premise is that crystals help unblock, balance and direct energy where it is most needed, gently supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way.

Each participant will receive 7 crystals (each resonating with 1 of the 7 major chakras). As you deepen into surrender, the healing stones will be placed on/around the body to help unblock, focus and direct energy, while balancing the chakras/aura in order to facilitate healing. During this time, you are encouraged to breathe deeply and simply relax. Once the crystals are in place you will be guided through a chakra cleansing/activating meditation. A crystal grid will be placed in the front of the room to help enhance the treatment for all who are in attendance. The 7 crystals will be yours to take home with you after the session. 

**If you are attending for the second time and already received your 7 crystals, you are welcome to bring your crystals with you and receive a $10 discount off of the price.**

Warrior One


Wednesday, September 21st

Cost: $20 drop-in or use your class pass

led by Lindsay Gunn

Never practiced yoga? Looking to fine tune your practice? This is the perfect class for you! Our Beginner Flow is suitable for all mobile body types and levels of experiences. You will be guided through postures in a Vinyasa (flow) style with solid anatomical instruction for the beginner in all of us. This practice will be taken at a slower pace and postures/flows will be on a more basic and foundational level to build from the ground up.


Saturday, September 24th 1-4pm

Cost: $188

led by Reiki Master Teacher Lindsay Gunn

Reiki (ray-key) which means "universal life energy" is one of the most gentle, least invasive, and relaxing therapies available. It addresses the needs of the entire person, restoring a sense of balance and bringing healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

This Level 1 (Shoden) training is a practitioner's initiation to Reiki and is open to anyone interested in learning. It will teach you the basics of Reiki energy, focusing on opening the energy channels on a physical level, which allows the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy, which flows from the cosmos through the crown of the head. You will be attuned to the energy of Reiki, allowing you to provide self-reiki as well as reiki on plants, animals, and friends/family. It will open and balance your chakras, clear out any negative energy blockages, and get the energies moving in synchronicity within your body.

You will receive a training manual, a certification, as well as a special gift to take home with you!

Click here to register via MindBody or e-mail us with any questions.



Saturday, October 1st 1-4pm

Cost: $222

led by Reiki Master Teacher Lindsay Gunn

Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) is a more advanced level, where the student learns (amongst other things) to harness more Reiki energy, as well as distance healing. Level 2 gives students the skills to practice reiki on others and open energy channels more deeply. Students also receive the first three symbols during this level (each one corresponding to a specific energy - power, harmony, & distance). Students are expected to use these symbols to bring the universal energy of reiki into their everyday lives in more practical ways.

You will receive a training manual, hands on experience providing reiki energy to others in the training, a certification, as well as a special gift to take home with you!

**Must have Reiki Level 1 Certificate for at least three months prior to take this training.**


To register or for more details, please e-mail info@selflessloveyoga.com or visit MindBody.