"Always do good to others. Be selfless. Mentally remove everything and be free. This is divine life."

- Swami Sivanand

What is Selfless Love?

Selfless Love is to love regardless of your own personal needs, without any attachment or expectation of receiving anything in return. It's about living wholeheartedly without the need for any personal gain. It means that whatever you do, you do it from the heart and this comes from a pure place within you which does not have any preconceived notion that you will receive acknowledgment, reciprocity, or accolades in return. You're not thinking about yourself or what you are able to receive, you are only thinking of others and what you are able to give.

Selfless Love Yoga's intention is to aid in bringing this to life... it's about spreading the joy and the love that one feels when they are being selfless.. it's about shedding the layers, which bind you to unhealthy attachments based around fear in order to bring you back into the alignment of divine love (our natural state).

What does the Selfless Love Yoga logo mean?

Ever wonder what this symbol actually means? Our logo is a combination of curves, straight lines, and a dot all intertwining with each other and serving as multiple deeper symbolizations within its simple design.

When looking closely, you will see the design can be shaped into the letters SLY, which represents the name itself - "Selfless Love Yoga."

The dot at the top of the symbol (orange) represents the "absolute state," which is know as the fourth and state of consciousness  - absolute peace and bliss where one is able to connect with the divine, or higher power. This point also serves as a representation of the starting point to our journeys (on and off of the yoga mat).


The multiple curves serve as a reminder of our many states of consciousness that we can experience throughout our lives. Our journeys are also infinite, which is why you will find an infinity sign right after the starting point (indigo), showing that your first step can be taken in any direction you'd like and the possibilities are endless.


It is also imperative to remember our true essence of LOVE, so you will find that the hook of the "L" connects with the infinity symbol to create a heart.

There is a small hook at the end and no actual ending point. This represents the truth in there being no completion and that the soul is limitless.

The sacred Om symbol was used as inspiration in making this logo to indicate that everything is deeply connected. Om is all encompassing, the essence of ultimate reality, and unifies everything in the universe.

Going Green

We make an attempt to be as environmental friendly as possible. All of our paper products are made from recycled materials, our cleaning products are made from natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, majority of our furniture is used/up-cycled or hand-made from recycled materials.

We kindly ask that you bring a reusable water bottle, as we have a Britta water filter where it can be refilled. We supply recyclable paper cups for occasions when your water bottle is forgotten, but we encourage you to bring your own bottle to class. We have them for sale in the studio's boutique for just $5. Do your part!


Our schedule can be found online and we attempt to avoid giving print-outs, unless a special request is made. We also send all receipts via e-mail.

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