Reiki means "universal life force" that helps to activate the healing energy that we are ALL born with. One of the the first teachings of healing with Reiki is that we are far more than just our physical bodies. We also have what's known as our "energy" body, which is made up of our chakras (energy centers), aura (energy field), and nadis/meridians (energy pathways). In the same way that you would consume food to nourish and give your physical body breaks it down and sends it to various parts, we consume energy, which is taken in by our aura, broken down by our chakras, and distributed throughout the energy body by our nadis. 

Hospitals and clinics across the country are using in-person Reiki as a cost-effective way to accelerate recovery after surgery, reduce pain and anxiety, and ameliorate the negative side effects of medications and other medical procedures. 



Let's take a moment to use an analogy for this one as it's the best way to break it down into laymen terms... Think of reiki energy like using a cell phone - it’s not necessary to be in physical proximity of the person on the other line to talk on a cell phone, right? Cell phones use electromagnetic radio waves to connect with other cell phones and transmit the message. Similarly, Reiki recipients do not need to be in physical proximity to Reiki practitioners to receive Reiki.

When becoming a second-degree Reiki practitioner, the distance symbol is received, which enables the giver to connect with a person's energetic essence across time and space. Distance Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere and at any time—though permission should be invoked or received in some way. When performing reiki on someone who is not present, typically a photo of the recipient is all that is needed.

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical (as always) when I first started performing distance Reiki a few years back. After the sessions, I would follow up and inquire on what area of the body the energy was felt most and indeed, it would always be the place in which I was working the longest. Some recipients would openly state how effective it was or comment on the warm felt all over their bodies and so after a few "trials" to confirm, I was made a believer. 

We are all made up of the same energy, we are all one. We all have access to the life force energy, otherwise known as our "Prana" or "Chi," that flows through each and every living being. Distance Reiki is one of many ways to link to and channel this energy for the healing benefit of others.

Interested in a session, but have more questions? Email us. If you're ready to book, please visit our "Book Online" page, scroll down to the "Services" box and choose the "Distance Reiki" option.


  •   Decreases anxiety, tension, and muscle stress

  •   Relieves grief, loneliness, and depression

  •   Promotes healing following surgery or injuries

  •   Improves sleep and well-being, reduces pain

  •   Diminishes side effects of chemo and radiation

“Practice seeing possibilities. When you focus on what you already know, you keep creating the same reality.” 
- Jeanne McElvaney

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