Loving the body is important, but accepting it is paramount to a happy, healthy life. There is often talk about having the "ideal" body weight, but it is far more important to feel comfortable and happy in your own skin. Low self-esteem and poor body image can be overcome when we can dig deep enough to figure out the root of the emotion behind it and truly observe the impact that has over our lives. 

When body image is negative, there is a distorted perception. People do not see themselves as they really are. There may be anxiety, shame, or feeling self-conscious around others. For some, there may be a sense that they are flawed, imperfect, or they make constant comparisons in relation to others. This is not a healthy way to go about living our lives nor is it the way that we deserve to live.

Body image is something that everyone must contend with and having a healthy body image is an important part of life. Ideally, we should all be happy with our shape and size and be accepting of who we are. Sadly, body image issues can be detrimental to each and every aspect of how we live. If someone feels an energy of negativity regarding their looks, they can easily spiral into depression, develop an eating disorder, or become introverted and lonely.

On the other hand, when you have a positive body image, perception is more accurate. You see your body as it really is, and you accept your shape and size knowing that it does not denote who you are as a person and it does not reflect your value as an individual. As a result, there is an air of confidence because you are comfortable in your skin and the opinion of others is not important. Loving your body means caring about it, but also caring about your inner well-being. It’s all about working with the body and the mind in unison and not using them against each other. Learning what works and what does not on an individual basis. 

In these sessions, my goal is to help the client perceive who they truly are with clarity so that they are better able to treat the body with respect. We will examine your personal beliefs, attitudes and behaviors in respect to your appearance, body image, what you eat, your health, and how much physical movement you participate in. By examining these aspects, it is possible to improve unhealthy attitudes. 

No one person is likely to change their thought processes or actions in a single session, as it takes time to examine why you think and feel the way that you do in order to take the steps moving forward to make change. The emphasis of these sessions is very much on finding the root cause of your self-perception, making positive lifestyle changes (mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual), avoiding treating food as "filling a void" or being a "reward," enhancing self-esteem, being mindful and honest with everyday attitudes, assessing eating/movement habits, and adopting a new way of living in self-love.

Free 20 minute consultations are available for those who may be interested, but aren't sure if they are ready to commit and would like to gain more information or simply check in to see my energy and what I have to offer resonates with you and your current path.

Each session, we will focus on a different theme and build off of it each week:

Week 1: Body Acceptance Issues

Week 2: Body Positivity

Week 3: Emotional Eating

Week 4: Nutrition and Mindful Eating

Week 5: Self-Esteem

Week 6: Self-Perception & NLP

Week 7:  Moving Forward with Self-Love


  • 7 In-Person or Virtual Sessions (meetings occur 1/week for 60 minutes)

    • Sliding scale of  $88 - $133/session

**These sessions will include e-mail support between each weekly call, pre-recorded meditations, yoga & pranayama (breath-work) audio/videos, various print outs, as well as weekly assignments to keep you on track. Oftentimes, sessions will go slightly over 1 hour, so please plan accordingly. On week 8, you will receive a free 20-30 minute "check-in" call to complete your sessions.

TO BOOK: E-mail or call/text 732-795-5888.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

– Albert Einstein