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Lindsay discovered the art of yoga when she took her first class in 2013 and has since fallen in love with every aspect of it. Yoga has helped her to heal, find a balance in her life, and open her eyes and heart to an inner peace and joy that the external world was unable to provide. Since then, she knew that spreading this joy to others was going to be a part of her life path and it was only a matter of time before she completed her first training to do so.

The completion of her 200-hour teacher training was done in May 2015 at a local Monmouth County affiliate studio under the school of Ashram Yoga New Zealand. Lindsay is a certified Reiki Master Level Practitioner and enjoys bringing healing, hands-on adjustments into her classes.


Music and sound have played a deeply profound roll in her life (despite never learning how to play a musical instrument). This passion finally fell into place in 2019 when she finished her certification in Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound under the Sound Healing Academy. After completion, she felt called to continue her studies and immediatelly enrolled in a year-long diploma course  to become a professional sound healer.

She is looking forward to  bringing this healing modality to the community more and more as she continues her studies. You will often find her playing a myriad of sound healing instruments to begin and finish classes as well as leading pop-up donation based sound meditations.

Lindsay's compassionate, yet playful presence provides a comforting and loving environment for her yoga students to practice in. She has a way of making everyone she comes in contact with feel special in his or her own unique way, which makes students feel safe and supported during their personal journey. Her earthy and airy nature shows in her teaching as she provides a grounding and stable, yet elegant flow to her classes. She is able to add deeper meaning into her sequences, while also shaking some of the seriousness out of it by making her students smile, and in many cases, even laugh.

Lindsay believes that yoga harmonizes you with nature and all beings inhabiting it, while also helping you to recognize your own true nature. Lindsay's mission is ​to inspire others and serve as their guide in finding the healing and harmony that she too once craved. She helps her students to spark their inner flame and let their divine light shine through.

"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others."

- Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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